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Fairy Tales: in the Light of Spiritual Investigation and A Mongolian Legend

by Rudolf Steiner

From the contents of this lecture: “Fairy tales and sagas are comparable to a good angel, granted human beings as a companion from birth on their life's wanderings, to be a trustworthy comrade throughout — offering comradeship, and making life inwardly into a truly ensouled fairy tale!”

This is a lecture, given by Rudolf Steiner, entitled Märchendichtungen im Lichte der Geistesforschung, and contained in the volume Ergebnisse der Geistesforschung (Results of Spiritual Research) GA 62. The series in which this lecture was given at the Architektenhaus in Berlin, may be said to underline its overall importance for Rudolf Steiner: held February 6th 1913 subsequent to a lecture January 30th on Raphael, it was followed a week later, on February 13th, by a lecture on Leonardo da Vinci.

As a bonus, A Mongolian Legend is included. It is from a matinee lecture given by Rudolf Steiner: Mythen und Sagen. Okkulte Zeichen und Symbole (Myths and Legends. Occult Signs and Symbols). From GA 101. Lecture IV, 21st October 1907 in Berlin.

This lecture is the third in a series of four lectures from GA 62, that are newly translated by Peter Stebbing. Edited by James Stewart. You can research the on-line version of this book by clicking here. Or, click on the cover image to buy this book at, to read or study at home.

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Publications (August 21, 2019)
Author: Rudolf Steiner
Translator: Peter Stebbing
Editor: James D. Stewart
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