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THE contents of this paper are taken from a series of lectures given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner entitled “Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine.” This is a series of four lectures given to doctors in Stuttgart, Germany, October 26, 27, 28, 1922. The contents of lecture four of this series are now presented and excerpts are made for public understanding. The contents of these lectures were written employing spiritual scientific language. The purpose is to convey as nearly as possible in general terms the contents of this lecture to those not familiar with this subject. Books written by Dr. Steiner entitled “Occult Science, an Outline,” “Theosophy,” “Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment,” “Guidance in Esoteric Training,” and “The Philosophy of Freedom,” if they are read, would greatly improve the understanding of the terms used in this paper and the lecture it was taken from; would then give a better grasp of its contents. It is strongly advised that if one takes up a serious study of Anthroposophy that one should by all means learn and practice the exercises found in these books. Above all should the exercises in “Guidance in Esoteric Training” should be practiced. Close attention should be given to this book and its contents above the others but not to neglect the other books. It would be better not to undertake a serious a study if one neglects to practice the exercises in this primary book. An explanation of this fact is given in this book. Some of these listed books and other materials can be found as well as the original lectures at the Rudolf Steiner Archive, or email:

Clinical manifestations of this syndrome are varied. The dominant manifestation is cramping and stiffening of the fingers. The fingers during attaches appear to be iron rods separating in several directions with loss of control of their manipulation. The duration of these attaches vary. These symptoms appear often in the dental profession. This syndrome occurs more frequently where eye hand coordination is required. Severe cramp also may occur in the arms, feet and legs. This cramping is disturbing to the sleep and may awaken one from sleep. The constant symptoms which appear are inability to hold objects with attendant pain in the hands.

The origin of this disorder has been associated with the hands. This disorder manifests itself mostly in the limbs and abominable region of females. Knowledge that man has three other bodies is essential for a definitive diagnosis of these symptoms. The symptoms appear in the extremities but this is not their point of origin If attention is directed at the astral body of man the origin of this disease can be found The origin of this disorder lies in that part of man designated as the astral body and from here a displaced function of this non material body manifest its disorder in the physical body. Man is composed of four interrelated bodies, physical body, ether or life body, astral body and ego. With effort one could become acquainted with these other three bodies which may presently lay hidden. Through the study of the books recommended above the other three bodies can become as visible as the material body. Each of these bodies has its own characteristic function and appearance. They can be studied just as the physical body has been studied. Their functions and characteristics can become as familiar as those of the physical body.

The astral body is that part of man through which all movement occurs. It is the dwelling place of the ego. One of its functions is destructive illustrated by the digestive system. All food forces when consumed are killed and given new life and new forces which are compatible with and unique to man. Plant albumen is destructive to animal and human albumen. Animal albumen is not compatible with human albumen. All foods in their basic units are designated as albumen. The plant or animal albumen consumed must first be destroyed and reduced to their inorganic elements which are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur. These inorganic elements are then restructured by the digestive system with the forces unique to man by which man creates his own albumen compatible with the forces of a human being this is the source of man's energy. From this it can be seen that animal bodily parts are incompatible with man because each has different albumen. There can be no body parts interchanged between man and animal because of this reason. This describes briefly the functioning of the digestive system and the role the soul plays in this function. When there is a disruption of the inter relationship of the soul's digestive functions with the other bodies of man whereby the soul neglects its digestive function and concentrates more of its activity in the sense system of the head this becomes the origin of cramps, the carpal tunnel syndrome.

When an individual performs in an activity that involves repetitive intense rapid eye movement following an object with hand coordination directed at the object this has an adverse effect on the normal movements of the astral body. Concentration on shifting scenes with movements abnormally accelerated is disruptive to the normal of the astral body. Repeated exposure over long periods of time to chaotic movements have been accepted without notice of their harm This happens when swish, swish movements are experienced while watching T. V. and or the rapid movement of electronically hand held games? Over a period of time the astral body begins to favor the outer world. It is conditioned by repetitive concentration directed at rapidly moving objects. It is so to speak sucked out too frequently into the outer world. The total viewing scene and habits of the individual must be looked at and not just the eye hand coordination movements required in a profession as dentistry. The normal digestive rhythm of the astral body is disrupted when it is repetitively subjected to the “swish, swish”, movements of present day viewing. It is sucked out into the world. This is basis of the pathology of bent fingers resembling short iron rods pointing in different directions with pain that on a scale of one to ten may go off the scale.

What can be done to remedy these conditions? The astral body's activities relative to digestion must be drawn back to its regular activity into the area vacated. The overwhelmed sense system must be relieved. The neglected stomach must be relieved. The lung heart relationship in digestion must be relieved. The astral body can be drawn back to the digestive system by the action of kalium carbonicum, D 10 i.e., potassium carbonate. The nerve sense system is relieved by Equisetum Silicea Cultum (N), silicic acid. The stomach is relieved by sulfur, D8 ... The lung heart relationship is relieved by Ferrum D30. All of these substances are minerals. The same minerals taken in vitamins only they have been diluted hundreds of times. They are then designated as homeopathic substances. They are dispensed in alcohol. These substances in a short period of time will stop the cramping. These substances are dispensed in small bottles of 50 cc each. The dosages are ten drops on the tongue directly or into a teaspoon of water. They are distributed by Weleda Pharmacy at 800-241-1030. This is the only source in America where these compounds can be ordered.

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