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The Coronavirus Pandemic II: Further Anthroposophical Perspectives

by Judith von Halle

From the Foreword:

“In this book, the main focus is not on the distressing social developments that have arisen as consequence of the coronavirus pandemic – and for good reason: Although there are already (thankfully) many quality descriptions and articles about this complex of problems and questions, at the same time on the other hand a dangerous knowledge-vacuum has arisen. Therefore in this book I will refrain from elaborating on the problems already made widely visible in favor of this knowledge-vacuum, which will be outlined as an addition to what has already been described in Vol. I.

“Gaining higher knowledge is possible for everyone. But it doesn’t just fall into your lap. One must be prepared to do something for it, and also to leave something. In order to avoid spiritual totalitarianism one must first know something about what spirituality actually means. And acquiring this knowledge, the most selfless acquisition a person can make, is ultimately at the core of this book.”

This unique English translation is the first time in print for this German book. It is newly translated by Frank Thomas Smith. Edited by James D. Stewart. Permission to publish kindly given by the Verlag für Anthroposophie, Dornach Switzerland. Visit the on-line version of this book by clicking here. Or, click on the cover image to buy this book at, to read or study at home.

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Anthroposophical Publications (May 31, 2022)
Author: Judith von Halle
Translator: Frank Thomas Smith
Editor: James D. Stewart
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1948302357
ISBN-13: 978-19483022357
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches


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